Web Design Trends That Are No Longer In Practice Revealed

Web design trends that are no longer in practice have been revealed. This is according to Kara Jensen, the creative principal of B2B web design agency.

Speaking in a conference attended by various stakeholders in web design industry, Kara Jensen pointed out that there are a number of web design trends that died in 2015 because they no longer meet the needs of individuals in this dynamic world. He also shared his valuable opinion on what should be done to improve web design industry.

Kara Jensen encouraged web designers to be creative and flexible so that they can come up with excellent web design trends that match the needs of their clients. He said that success in modern business which heavily relies on the internet is largely determined by the way websites have been designed. He also added that special focus should be given to B2B web design to enable companies carry out business transactions with other corporations successfully.


Jensen himself has managed to design and launch several websites especially for B2B companies.

According to him, there are some web design trends that are fading away in the web design industry. One such trend is Skeumorphic design. This kind of design creates 3-D effect on the users smartphone or computer screen. It uses tools like highlights and shadows. This trend is no longer useful because it is not scalable. Jensen also said that Skeumorphic design crowds the interface.

Another trend that he said mentioned to have died out is Bad stock photography. This has been caused by stiff competition that is currently being witnessed in the field of stock photography. Jensen asserted that today’s photographers are taking photos with consideration to basic web design elements.

He added that another noticeable trend that has died out is clustered websites. He said that such websites provide too much information thus creating a bad user experience. They therefore discourage users from visting them. He emphasized that today’s website users are only interested in precise information. He also pointed out that b2b web design has shifted from this kind of websites to simple and clean website design.

Jensen also mentioned that auto play media and designing in a silo trends are no more because they have been replaced by other web design trends that focus more on user and customer experience. Jason commented that the experience of the customer is very critical in today’s business. It enables companies retain exististing customers while also attracting new ones.He added that websites should be designed with the customer in mind because they determine the success of the company.

Jensen concluded by encouraging web designers to adopt trends which improve the user experience as a whole. This will encourage more users to visit sites. He said that most of the above trends have died out because of poor user interface, limited functionality, conveying too much information and many more. He further told web designers to design websites that can benefit companies by making it easy for users to read website content.

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